2011 NFL Coaching Hot Seats…

Here is my list of coaches sitting on seats warmer than the sidewalk on a one-hundred degree day:

We’ll start with my favorite team, the Miami Dolphins…

Tony Sparano (Miami) – The Dolphins coach has no solution at QB and is coming off of back to back 7-9 seasons. If that wasn’t enough owner Stephen Ross flirted with then Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh during the off-season.

Marvin Lewis (Cincinnati) – If this were any other franchise, Marvin would be sitting on the hottest seat around. But this is Cincinnati, where Mike Brown doesn’t believe in paying coaches not to coach and Marvin is signed through the 2012 season.

Jim Caldwell (Indianapolis) – If he loses Peyton Manning for any appreciable amount of time the Colts will miss the playoffs. Even with Manning, an aging, undersized defense and no running game may do in Caldwell and his staff.

Gary Kubiak (Houston) – The Texans coach already has a “win or else” mandate from ownership and defensive coordinator Wade Phillips waiting in the wings if the team stumbles out of the gate.

Norv Turner (San Diego) – I can’t believe that Norv keeps his job without going deep into the playoffs this year. Too much talent and a closing window will force the Chargers to make a change if things don’t go well.

Todd Haley (Kansas City) – I can’t believe this guy got a head coaching job in the NFL to begin with. You can be abrasive if you know what your doing and win. But without Charlie Weis running the offense… it will become apparent that Todd Haley doesn’t know what he’s doing and the Chiefs won’t win often.

Hue Jackson (Oakland) – The seat for a Raiders coach is always hot. Al Davis doesn’t have many years left and his patience is thin.

Mike Shanahan (Washington) – The Redskins are a mess. They will be picking in the top 5 next year and looking for a new coaching staff to compliment the choice.

Jim Schwartz (Detroit) – The Lions head coach has his job security resting on the glass shoulder of Matt Stafford. This is the ‘make or break’ year for both Stafford and Schwartz.

Leslie Frazier (Minnesota) – The specter of Los Angeles hangs over the entire Vikings franchise. A poor year from the Vikes and a possible move could spell the end of Frazier’s short reign.

Ken Whisenhunt (Arizona) – Like Schwartz, Whisenhunt has his Cardinals coaching future tied to a QB who has yet to prove if he can be a quality starter.


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