Kerry Collins

Today Kerry Collins signed with the Indianapolis Colts as an insurance policy in case Peyton Manning is unable to play week one.

Not sure I see this as a good thing, especially at this stage of the pre-season. Nor am I sure that I see Collins as any type of upgrade over Painter/Orlovsky.

The last time that Collins was a regular starter in the league he was winless in half a season.

Now he’s going to come in and learn a completely new system in two weeks and develop timing with his new receivers?

The Colts have damned themselves by not having a back-up to Manning that was actually capable of playing.

2011 NFL Predictions

After thinking about it, here are my predictions for the 2011 NFL season:

NFL Predictions 8-14-11

AFC East:

New England – Bill Belichick doesn’t rebuild, he reloads.
New York Jets – Losses in the WR corps and no upgrade to the pass rush.
Buffalo – Fitzpatrick seems to be a better QB than most scouts give him credit for.
Miami – Chad Henne is the starting QB. Enough said.

AFC North:

Pittsburgh – Joe Flacco just hasn’t made enough strides for the Ravens to catch up.
Baltimore – Even with Lee Evans and Ricky Williams, I don’t think they did enough to catch the Steelers.
Cleveland – They aren’t the Bengals.
Cincinnati – Unfortunately for the people of the Cincinnati, they are the Bengals.

AFC South:

Houston – Shift to 3-4 and emergence of Arian Foster should push them past the Colts.
Indianapolis – Not convinced that Manning is going to be anywhere near 100%.
Tennessee – CJ2K will not be enough to push this team above .500.
Jacksonville – They just don’t have a good enough passing game or defense.

AFC West –

San Diego – The 2010 season was an aberration. Having Vincent Jackson and Antonio Gates back will have the offense solidified from day one.
Kansas City – Todd Haley is calling the plays this year. No way they repeat the success they had with Charlie Weis calling plays last year.
Oakland – Lack of stability at the QB position continues to hurt this team.
Denver – John Fox just doesn’t have anywhere near enough pieces to compete.

Playoff teams:

1. New England
2. Pittsburgh
3. San Diego
4. Houston
5. Baltimore
6. NY Jets

NFC East:

1. Philadelphia – Hard not to like the talent the Eagles have amassed. Especially the depth at CB.
2. Dallas – Tony Romo returns. In the midst of rebuilding offensive line. Does Miles Austin return to form?
3. NY Giants – Can Eli Manning rebound from a poor 2010. Especially after losing WR Steve Smith and TE Kevin Boss.
4. Washington – Problems abound. Probably a new coach and a top 5 spot in the 2012 NFL draft.

NFC North:

1. Green Bay – Not much changes for the Super Bowl XLV champs. Need to avoid injuries and championship hangover.
2. Detroit – Defense continues to get better. If Stafford stays healthy, the Lions are a wild-card threat.
3. Chicago – Even though they made the NFC championship, there is just something that I don’t like about the 2011 edition of the Bears and it has nothing to do with Jay Cutler.
4. Minnesota – Aging defense and a QB who struggled in 2010 and will be going through his third offensive coordinator in three years. Poor Adrian Peterson can’t do it all.

NFC South:

1. Tampa Bay – Young and hungry team that only continues to get better. Josh Freeman has made a believer out of me.
2. New Orleans – Does Brees return to form or does he continue to slip?
3. Atlanta – Got torched by the Packers in the playoffs. But didn’t seem too concerned about improving the defense.
4. Carolina – Even if Cam Newton is the real deal, they have too many other deficiencies to get out of the basement.

NFC West:

1. St. Louis – Might as well just picked a name out of a hat here. If Bradford continues to develop the Rams improve marginally. Which might just be enough to win the West.
2. Arizona – Brought in Kevin Kolb to solidify the QB position, but are still lacking a running game and have a below average defense.
3. Seattle – Tarvaris Jackson looked dreadful in his first pre-season start after spending five years with the same Offensive Coordinator. Will LT Okung miss any substantial time with another ankle injury.
4. San Francisco – Jim Harbaugh inherited a mess at the QB position. They’re so desperate that Daunte Culpepper is coming in for a try-out.

Playoff teams:

1. Tampa Bay
2. Green Bay
3. Philadelphia
4. St. Louis
5. Dallas
6. Detroit

Roy Williams

Did no one in the Bears front office watch any tape of his time with the Cowboys? Over the past four years (three with the Cowboys) Williams failed to catch 40 balls and has only been over 80 once in his career (2006- Detroit). We won’t even go into the number of dropped passes in critical situations during his Cowboy tenure.

The Bears signing Roy Williams to be their number 1 receiver has to be the most baffling move of the off-season.

Fantasy Football Draft, Part II

Well the Kentucky Colonels have finished their first draft in the ‘Fourth and Forever’ fantasy league.

Without further ado, here are your 2011 Kentucky Colonels:


Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay) and Matt Schaub (Houston)


Maurice Jones-Drew (Jacksonville), Legarrette Blount (Tampa Bay) and Mike Tolbert (San Diego)


Greg Jennings (Green Bay), Anquan Boldin (Baltimore), Hines Ward (Pittsburgh) and Mike Thomas (Jacksonville)


Kellen Winslow (Tampa Bay) and Marcedes Lewis (Jacksonville)


Dan Carpenter (Miami)


Jared Allen (Minnesota) and Jason Babin (Philadelphia)


Jerod Mayo (New England) and Kevin Burnett (Miami)


Devin McCourty (New England), Ed Reed (Baltimore) and Eric Weddle (San Diego)

Let’s hope the season goes as well as I plan.


2011 NFL Coaching Hot Seats…

Here is my list of coaches sitting on seats warmer than the sidewalk on a one-hundred degree day:

We’ll start with my favorite team, the Miami Dolphins…

Tony Sparano (Miami) – The Dolphins coach has no solution at QB and is coming off of back to back 7-9 seasons. If that wasn’t enough owner Stephen Ross flirted with then Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh during the off-season.

Marvin Lewis (Cincinnati) – If this were any other franchise, Marvin would be sitting on the hottest seat around. But this is Cincinnati, where Mike Brown doesn’t believe in paying coaches not to coach and Marvin is signed through the 2012 season.

Jim Caldwell (Indianapolis) – If he loses Peyton Manning for any appreciable amount of time the Colts will miss the playoffs. Even with Manning, an aging, undersized defense and no running game may do in Caldwell and his staff.

Gary Kubiak (Houston) – The Texans coach already has a “win or else” mandate from ownership and defensive coordinator Wade Phillips waiting in the wings if the team stumbles out of the gate.

Norv Turner (San Diego) – I can’t believe that Norv keeps his job without going deep into the playoffs this year. Too much talent and a closing window will force the Chargers to make a change if things don’t go well.

Todd Haley (Kansas City) – I can’t believe this guy got a head coaching job in the NFL to begin with. You can be abrasive if you know what your doing and win. But without Charlie Weis running the offense… it will become apparent that Todd Haley doesn’t know what he’s doing and the Chiefs won’t win often.

Hue Jackson (Oakland) – The seat for a Raiders coach is always hot. Al Davis doesn’t have many years left and his patience is thin.

Mike Shanahan (Washington) – The Redskins are a mess. They will be picking in the top 5 next year and looking for a new coaching staff to compliment the choice.

Jim Schwartz (Detroit) – The Lions head coach has his job security resting on the glass shoulder of Matt Stafford. This is the ‘make or break’ year for both Stafford and Schwartz.

Leslie Frazier (Minnesota) – The specter of Los Angeles hangs over the entire Vikings franchise. A poor year from the Vikes and a possible move could spell the end of Frazier’s short reign.

Ken Whisenhunt (Arizona) – Like Schwartz, Whisenhunt has his Cardinals coaching future tied to a QB who has yet to prove if he can be a quality starter.

Fantasy Football Draft!

Today is the first player draft of the ‘Fourth and Forever’ fantasy football keeper league over at It’s a free league, because I’m too cheap to actually spend money on something like this.

I never actually study for these things… or maybe I study to much as NFL football is a 24/7, 365 day a year hobby for me anymore. But I don’t get wrapped up in the stats, don’t spend days pouring over them. I simply study player movement, keeping an eye out for players who are in good situations to score points. Knocking a little value off players who come off major injuries, players who have lost teammates who may have been partially responsible for a players success and devaluing older players.

We’ll see how it all works out.